Workers Assigned by Labour Brokers do not Lose their Jobs after 3 months

May 8, 2015


There seems to be more of the same (nonsense) out there about the “3 months story”. Articles in the news suggest that some officials from the Department of Labour and the CCMA are incorrectly giving the message that after 3 months the labour broker worker must be employed permanently by the client and would no longer be employed by the labour broker. Apparently, some employers are listening to this, with the result that workers are losing their jobs after 3 months.


The amendments DO NOT say this. What the amendments DO SAY is that after 3 months the labour broker employee has the choice to pursue a complaint or dispute against either the broker or the client or both. That is all!! Furthermore, the “3-month story” does not apply to dismissals.


It is suggested that businesses remain courageous (and correct) in the face of unfriendly or aggressive actions and misinterpretations by Department of Labour officials and the CCMA.




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